Worried about all the risks that technology brings to your teens?

Now you have a good option to protect them. Famisafe is a convenient application that will help you monitor the location of your children and prevent them from being exposed to inappropriate material on technological devices.

In the first instance, you can create security perimeters (geo-fencing) around your house, according to the distance of your preference, and the system will notify you as soon as you leave said security zone. On the other hand, this technology will allow you to block the cell phone during study or rest hours and thus prevent your child's sleep hours from being altered and therefore their academic performance may be affected.

Another of its benefits is that it allows you to observe the patterns of use of social networks and monitor the content to which it is exposed so that we can avoid harmful material such as pornography, gambling portals or any material that represents a risk to your security . In addition, it offers us the convenience of establishing limits for the use of the devices and controlling everything from your cell phone type remote control.

Famisafe can be used both on devices with IOS and Android operating systems. It has a 3-day free trial period and a monthly cost of $ 9.99

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