As parents, we must start from an early age, to develop and support them so that they grow up safe, do not hesitate to claim their rights and achieve their goals in life

Throughout history, women have been in a continuous struggle for equality and the acquisition of rights that, due to their gender, have been rejected. Even today, few countries maintain similar conditions for men and women in social, economic and political aspects. Unfortunately, in advanced and democratic societies such as the United States, women have to live each day demonstrating their strength, ability and leadership to be more likely to excel and grow professionally. So much so that the United States has not had a female president to date.

Faced with these challenges, those who have daughters face a greater challenge to cultivate in them that fighting spirit and the desire to pursue their dreams and goals regardless of the obstacles that arise. For this, as fathers and mothers, we must start from an early age, to develop them so that they are strong and determined adults. Here are some basic tips for doing it from an early age.

 1. Exalts her qualities and not her appearance

A person should be valued for his character, integrity and personality, and not for his physical appearance. If you want your girl to grow up as a self-confident adult, it is important to highlight and recognize her strengths as a human being and not get carried away by the trivialities that often prevail in society. Avoid commenting excessively on your physique and that of other women, and paying too much attention to clothing and accessories. She must learn to be proud of who she is and her accomplishments.

 2. Expose her to exemplary women

It doesn't matter if it's her grandmother, the neighbor, Margaret Thatcher or Malala Yousafzai, try to bring your child closer to outstanding women. Eva Chen's book, “A is for Awesome !: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World,” is an excellent starting point. Pay particular attention to positive local and international role models. There are so many women who make a big difference every day - for example, their teachers - and are excellent sources of inspiration.

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 3. Teach him to set goals

5 key factors to turn your daughter into a strong and determined woman

La estructura, la disciplina y la perseverancia son elementos esenciales en el éxito de una persona. Siéntate con tu hija y explícale la importancia de analizar y trazar un plan que le facilite lograr sus objetivos. Además, procura que sean específicos y medibles de manera que ella pueda hacer una continua evaluación de su progreso y sus logros. Celebra con ella cuando lo amerite, reconoce su esfuerzo y perseverancia y, más importante aún, ayúdala a aprender de sus errores.

 4. Adiéstrala con inteligencia emocional

Muchas empresas están en búsqueda de líderes que se destaquen no sólo por sus capacidades técnicas y su conocimiento funcional, sino por su inteligencia emocional y la capacidad de manejar relaciones interpersonales. Existe mucha gente inteligente y preparada que cuando se enfrenta a situaciones de conflicto o adversas no las maneja adecuadamente porque carecen de inteligencia emocional. 

Enséñale a tu hija a ser una persona empática, firme, receptiva y con autocontrol.  Guíala y dale las herramientas para que aprenda a comunicarse asertivamente y a manejar conflictos proactivamente, y llevará las de ganar en su vida profesional.

5. Evita los estereotipos y utiliza lenguaje inclusivo de género

5 key factors to turn your daughter into a strong and determined woman

Don't use language that belittles or minimizes the woman's ability. Similarly, avoid stereotypes that may affect your daughter's disposition and confidence in achieving her personal or professional goals. For example, if she has to strain carrying a box, allow her to do so and do not imply that this is men's work. If she wants to study to be a chef or a surgeon, don't discourage her by saying that they are jobs that require long hours and are incompatible with motherhood. If you see a clueless driver or careless driving, don't mention that it must be a woman behind the wheel.

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