"The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit to it." Mark R. Douglas

The sense of commitment is essential to focus and live intentionally. It is the value that leads us to comply with everything that we commit to in our lives. It is creating awareness of our responsibility for the decisions we make. That is why it is so important to encourage our children from an early age and teach them how to develop it. Here are several ways to cultivate commitment in your children.

The way you behave speaks for itself and is the main reference for our children. You need to be aware of this and make sure you honor your commitments. For example, if you promise to take your child to the park for the weekend, you need to make sure you follow through. Otherwise, you are teaching him that your word is not valuable. In the same way, teach her to keep her commitments, such as to be punctual and to turn in her schoolwork on time.

Without a doubt, we all want to give our children the best and have access to more opportunities than we did. However, overstretching and filling every craving our kids have can backfire. Show them the importance of work and effort to earn things. Learn to say no from time to time, even if it's difficult for you. Children must learn to earn things for themselves and with their effort. This will help them create independence and value each goal they achieve.

The most valuable things in life are not easily obtained. To achieve our goals we must work hard and be persistent. If your girl decides to take ballet classes and agrees to practice, don't let her give up if she doesn't get a particular step. Frustration often becomes the worst enemy of success. Talk to your child and encourage her to keep practicing until that step works for her. In that moment, you will understand that your commitment and perseverance paid off.

Allow your child to make certain decisions and take responsibility for them. If your child decides to be on the school basketball team, remind him of all the responsibilities that decision entails. You can tell him: “It is important that you comply with the practices, that you work as a team, that you follow the instructions and that you show solidarity with your colleagues when they win or when they lose. Do you agree with that? Are you going to comply with everything? " That way, the child will have a clear scenario of what they will have to face before accepting the team's proposal and it will be easier to remind them when you notice them discouraged.

Unfortunately, we live in complex times, in which many people minimize the value of commitment. In general, there is a lack of sufficient commitment with the environment, with society, with the family and with the Country. It is in each of us to cultivate a new generation that is responsible and that practices individual and collective commitment.

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