School Psychologist

Marian M. Galán-Torres, PhD is a School Psychologist currently completing a post-doctoral degree in behavior modification at the Johns Hopkins Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) Pediatric Developmental Disorders Clinic.

KKI is an internationally renowned institution for the care of children with developmental disorders, spine and other systems. Prior to this experience, Dr. Galán has worked in school districts and private practice conducting clinical evaluations and determining eligibility for special education services.

Based on her academic preparation, Marian proudly wears the "green blood" by having completed a bachelor's degree in Psychology at UPR-Mayagüez. Later, I completed graduate studies of Master in School Psychology at the Inter-American University of PR-San German. Finally, he completed a PhD in School Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Based on these experiences, Dr. Galán has worked as a consultant to parents of children with Autism and other developmental disorders that present severe behavioral problems including: tantrums, aggression, self-mutilation, toilet training, sleep disturbances, anxiety, challenging behaviors, among others.

Dr. Galán is highly motivated to improve the quality of life of families with children with challenges in behavior management. This objective pursues her during her day to day work and in her daily life. However, as part of the Puerto Rican diaspora, her objective as a collaborator of Yo Soy un Papi is to be able to share her knowledge and experiences with Puerto Rican families from her perspective as a professional of conduct and mother.